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New Client Site Build!

Web Dev, React, GatsbyJS1 min read

New Client site is live!

Big thanks to Wilson & Farr Cleaning Solutions for choosing me to build their new site. This project began as a simple SEO optimization inquiry, and turned into "Lets just build a whole new site!"

Techy details below, but if you're just here to see the finished product it's live at


The nitty gritty is on my GitHub if you're into that kinda thing :)

The client had done an amazing job of creating a very visually appealing design using the GUI tool provided by their hosting provider. The issue was there was no way to define meta tags and the markup ended up being a nested mess of divs that the google bots didn't seem to like very much.

Enter GatsbyJS
Using Gatsby, I was able to write React code, then use the Gatsby build process to compile to static HTML. Because Gatsby compiles to statis HTML, we were able to move the hosting to DreamHost and actually save them a good bit compared to the monthly cost they were paying for the DIY hosting solution.

For styling, I started with a great free starter theme by codebushi which uses Tailwind Css.

Beyond that the only other external code I reached for was the Slider component for the reviews on the main page. For that I found React Slick which was easy to implement and did the job well and quicker than writing a DIY slider component.

This was a great project for me. Was awesome to have a solid design to work from. Tailwinds is a breeze to work with. Will use that again for sure. Gatsby and the starter theme template got me up and running fast, and all in all I was pleased with the efficiency with which I was able to get the new site online.

Shoot me a line if you've got a web site in need of a refresh!